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Irmo Marini

Dr. Irmo Marini


A certified life care planner, certified rehabilitation counselor, and registered forensic vocational expert. Dr. Marini earned his master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Lakehead University in Ontario, Canada, then completed his PhD in Rehabilitation from Auburn University, Alabama. He has numerous publications and presentations on vocational expert and life care planning topics, and has numerous awards for research and teaching. He is former editor of the Journal of Life Care Planning and currently sits on several other editorial boards in rehabilitation.

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Valerie J. Rodriguez


Valerie Rodriguez is a graduate of the PhD program in rehabilitation counseling at the University of Texas- Pan American. She is a Regional Program Specialist with the Division of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services for Texas, and has several years’ experience as a vocational rehabilitation counselor. Ms. Rodriguez has been an Associate since 2006 developing life care plans and vocational damage assessments. She currently contracts with the Social Security Administration as a vocational expert.

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Tommy L. Barbosa


Mr. Barbosa has a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Texas – Pan American.  He is a program coordinator for South Texas Chronic Pain Institute and as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Mr. Barbosa specializes in chronic pain management and psychotherapy, treating individuals with post traumatic stress disorder, major depression, panic disorder who have sustained work related injuries.  He is currently a consultant at Marini & Associates and assists in vocational assessments and life care planning.

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Bernard Preston


Mr. Preston has a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Texas -Pan-American, and is a certified life care planner and certified rehabilitation counselor. As an Associate, Mr. Preston has developed a life care plans and vocational damage reports for over 10 years for plaintiff and defense firms. He also currently serves as a vocational expert with the Social Security Administration. Mr. Preston is employed by the City of Las Vegas Office of Community Services as a Sr. Inclusion Specialist. He also works as a Job Placement Specialist placing persons with disabilities. Mr. Preston has 3 peer-reviewed journal publications in forensic rehabilitation and several presentations.

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Danielle Leigh Antol


Danielle Leigh Antol is a graduate of the rehabilitation counseling master’s program at the University of Texas-Pan-American. She is currently a forensic rehabilitation consultant with Marini & Associates, specializing in life care plan development and vocational damage assessments. Ms. Antol has previous work experience in mental health and the legal field working with attorneys. She has presented nationally and has published an empirical study on vocational issues.

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Rigel Pinon

Rigel Macarena Pinon is currently a second-year Master’s student in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling program at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley. She has worked as an education coach for Project Hire, helping young adults with cognitive and physical disabilities attain a post-secondary education and employment. She is also a volunteer for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) where she presents at conferences and has court testimony experience working with attorneys and judges, advocating for the foster youth in the Rio Grande Valley. Rigel is also an active member of the National Federation for the Blind where she does outreach with community members who are blind, teaching/putting on workshops regarding technology, and hosting conferences. Ms. Pinon is currently a forensic rehabilitation associate with Marini and Associates and assists in vocational assessments, labor market analyses, and life care planning.

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